The physical. Effectiveness convinces!

Test Report d. Univ. Munich (Inst.f. Microwave radiation) confirms 99% radiation protection!
(Prof. P.Pauli Institute of Microwave radiation )

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“Sleep-SAFE®” shielding blanket 200 x 130 cm does not let mobile phone radiation reach the body!

Watch the short video about the physical. effectiveness! Shielding electrosmog (2.10 min.)

"Sleep-SAFE®" effectiveness test

To prove the effectiveness of "Sleep-SAFE", we carried out the measurement of high-frequency radio waves or mobile radio radiation at a distance of about 1 meter from a W -LAN router. There the reading is very high and makes great noise. We have measured a radiation value of over 1000 microwatts / sq.
Now we covered the antenna with a part of the "Sleep-SAFE®” " BLANKET and found that within seconds the measured value dropped to below 10 microwatts / sqm. Then the tissue was removed from the antenna again and it was immediately high to hear again the measured value and to see digital.

Elektrosmog abschirmen Strahlenschutzdecke von Sleep Safe

composition: 52% cotton 48% polysilver BD 1 Size: 200 x 130 cm
machine-washable to 30°C

This provided the metrological proof:

With “Sleep-SAFE” Blanket you are effectively protected against
increased mobile phone radiation now and in the future!

With the measured value obtained, “Sleep-SAFE” meets the requirements of the “Baubiolog. Standard values
for sleeping areas” in accordance with building biology. Measurement Technology SBM-2015, BRD and the Salzburg precautionary value of the Austrian Medical Association.

Increased mobile phone radiation can weaken our immune system!
A strong defence system is always an advantage!

What do female doctors say?

"Now I have thoroughly checked "Sleep-SAFE®" . I'm excited! Especially in the densely populated Switzerland, we are heavily burdened by electrosmog since I have equipped my sleeping space with "Sleep-SAFE®", I sleep again wonderful! I will recommend it to my patients! “
Dr. med. Cornelia Gentner, Aescu-Med Practice, Zug, Switzerland.

“A few weeks after I fell asleep covered with the "Sleep-SAFE®" blanket, I feel much better! I do not wake up 5-6 times a night, which I had to experience before! I sleep deeper and quieter! I am very glad that I have chosen it! "
Dr. med. Iris Arns, Vienna.

"Sleep-SAFE®" protects the immune system and promotes prophylaxis! "
Dr. med. Elisabeth Neusser, Vienna.

Anti-Umweltstress Strahlenschutz Einziehdecke

"Sleep-SAFE" COVER can reduce the radio waves or mobile phone radiation significantly on the body. With the obtained low measured value we meet the requirements of the building biology. Guide values for sleeping areas "according to building biology. Measurement SBM-2105,” Germany u. the Salzburg precautionary value of the “Austrian Medical Association” Result of the metrological proof: You can protect and prevent yourself now -with the anti-environmental stress blanket "Sleep-SAFE®" - every night! YOUR PROPHYLAXIS 2020

• From now on, you are no longer under pressure from radio waves at night
• permanent protection for prophylaxis in the 21st century!
• Can be used as a single blanket or as an extra blanket
Anti-environmental stress blanket"Sleep-SAFE®"

introduction price:  instead of  €  119.00  only 99.95 €   
Double-Set (2 pieces): only  189.95 €

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