Strahlenschutzdecke schützt vor Mobilfunkstrahlung

Radiation blanket protects against mobile phone radiation
Mobile data traffic will increase to 3 billion radio signals per second in 2020.
"Radio signals penetrate windows and walls, are reflected several times and hit sleeping people!" (Bavarian State Office for Environmental Protection).
WLAN routers also radiate up to 300 m through all walls. The cause is often the neighbouring apartments and houses. You can switch off your mobile phone.
This radiation cannot be switched off!

Why "Sleep-SAFE®" shielding blanket?

The innovative blanket protects against mobile phone radiation that cannot be switched off and to which we are permanently exposed: Mobile phone towers, micro transmitters, WLAN routers, access points etc.

Although our Ministry of Health is obliged to protect its citizens from potentially harmful effects of technical achievements according to the precautionary principle, government licenses to operate mobile phone transmitters etc. are auctioned off to the highest bidding mobile phone company without being sure that the operation is really harmless to health and whether the applicable limits are still up to date.

Radiation blanket protects against mobile phone radiation

Sleep-Safe radiation protection blanket protects against mobile phone radiation

Dr. Blaschke (Sleep-SAFE research and development): "We have to provide for our health ourselves.
Just as we ourselves are responsible for healthy nutrition and sufficient exercise, it is also our own responsibility to protect ourselves from increased mobile phone radiation and to prevent a health risk!

The World Health Organization (WHO) and the Austrian Medical Association warn:

sleep disturbances, tension, fatigue, blood pressure problems, heart rhythm disturbances, cancer

"Sleep-SAFE®" shielding blanket

Protects your sleep and strengthens your immune system!

The protective fibre BD 1, woven into cotton in a net shape, reflects the mobile phone radiation, so that it can no longer penetrate the body! (see enclosed sketch)!

Easy to use:

Simply pull the thin shielding cover into your bed cover:
  •  in summer as a light blanket alone in the cover.
  •  in winter as a supplement to the normal blanket!

Addition: 52% cotton 46,77% polyester
1.23% Silver fibre BD 1
Weight 179g/sqm Size 200 x 130 cm 30° Washing

Test report of the University of the Federal Armed Forces Munich (Institute for Microwave
Technology) 2019 confirms 99% radiation protection!

A real gain in sleep quality!
( Dr. med. E. Neusser, Vienna )